CATHERINE DEMARCHELIER's jewelry designs were inspired by her favorite islands and were created to offer beauty, joy, and meaning to each person wearing them.

Her inaugural piece was inspired by Shelter Island, a place named by the Manhasset Indians because it is an island sheltered by other islands. To those who know Shelter Island, it is a place to discover that once visited will forever stay with you.

Born in Versailles, France, Catherine was always intrigued by this magical land's gorgeous castle, gardens, and basins. Upon relocating to the United States and discovering Shelter Island, she again found the place that moved her; a place she was inspired to call home.

A Shelter Island resident since 1979, Catherine has long had a special fondness for and connection with her community. She has always been artistic and innovative, with previous careers as a decorator and a stylist that honed her aesthetic eye.

Catherine's creativity also stems from her love of other paradise islands like St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies, bringing to life a charm that complements and can be combined with her other pieces.